- (716) 238-1559
Saturday 10am-3pm 11-18-2017
Sponsored by LEAF at the Lancaster Central School District
Lancaster, NY

About the Event

What //

Sponsored by LEAF at the Lancaster Central School District

When // - (716) 238-1559

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1 Forton drive
Lancaster, NY 14086

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Welcome to Lancaster's 1st Annual
Science Technology Engineering Arts/Architecture Math
- timeless tech -
FREE all-day family event!
Interactive learning experiences pressented by 20+ Community Organizations!
Plus dozens of DIY activities!

Sponsored by LEAF (Lancaster Educational Alumni Foundation)
and supported by our community Event Sponsors:

(Click here to learn more about becoming a sponsor!)

Lancaster District PTO
John A. Sciole PTO
Hillview PTO
***** PLEASE
***** Bring a non-perishable food donation to benefit Trinity Food Pantry!
Don't Forget - DRESS TO BE MESSY! 

 Reminders! (Scroll down for event details)
The Buffalo and Erie County Library  BOOKMOBILE is COMING!
BRING YOUR LIBRARY CARD (or you can get a new one right at STEAMfest)!
Take home library materials about something new you learned!
American Red Cross Blood Drive @ STEAMfest!
Please help Court Street Elementary's "Pint-size Heroes" save lives!
Use sponsor code STEAMfest to make an appointment at or using the blood donor app!
<----- R2D2 is coming to STEAMfest ------>
Meet his builder, Jon Duffie of The North Ridge, see the specs and blue prints! Get a photo!
Jon will answer questions and show you how R2D2 works!
The High School's own Daily Grind Coffee Shop
will be serving fresh coffee, hot chocolate, mochas, cider and snacks in the morning!
Lunch will be available for purchase (11:30am-2pm)  from

Taco Factory Truck and
STEAMfest is BIG!
*******Check out all our Activities now!******* 
(And then you can read the rest of this!) 

THANK YOU to all our amazing presenters and sponsors !!!!!

What is STEAMfest?

S - Science
T - Technology
E - Engineering
A - Arts/Architecture
M - Math
                         fest is for FUN!

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, from 10am – 3pm, the 1st Annual Lancaster STEAMfest will immerse the entire Lancaster Central School District in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Architecture and Math (STEAM) learning experiences.

Students can exhibit and test their own Make-Ahead Challenge projects, alongside expert presentations, performances, DIY activities, and interactive exhibits from scientists and community organizations.

STEAMfest is sponsored by LEAF (Lancaster Education and Alumni Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization). STEAMfest is a large-scale event put on by volunteers.


The theme for
STEAMfest 2017 is:
-timeless tech-

"Timeless Tech" is a zoom-out perspective that encourages you to see a future beyond the next gadget. Draw inspiration for tomorrow’s innovations from the story of human problem solving, effort and expression, across time and around the globe. Make personal connections with the struggles and triumphs of individual innovators and you'll understand that STEAM is something that has always been done -- and you can do it, too!
What happens at STEAMfest?
STEAMfest will immerse the entire Lancaster School District in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/architecture and Math learning experiences. Enjoying a free, all-day showcase of family learning and entertainment opportunities:
- Expert presentations and demonstrations
- DIY STEAM activities
- Crowd-sourced creative tasks
- Amazing highlight experiences
- Interactive exhibits from local scientists, clubs, organizations, companies, and the military
...and a few surprises!
But STEAMfest is much more than just a one-day event!

Similar to a traditional science fair, an important part of STEAMfest is the creativity, exploration and effort that YOU put in to projects that you make ahead of time to bring to the event. But this is NOT a traditional science fair -- You are invited to register for a "Make-Ahead Challenge!"
What is a "Make-Ahead Challenge"?

This is your chance to commit to a challenge of your choosing: you design, exhibit and test out your own work with your peers at STEAMfest, from submarines to sculptures, from experiments to inventions!
Choose one of our "kit" projects to customize, or select something more free-style. Work on your own or with a friend! Show off your car on the Test Track, or make a mind-blowing optical sculpture! Visit the Make-Ahead Challenge tab to see all the choices. All Challenges are open to anyone -- "great minds think alike" even in different grades! It's easy to sign up through school or online:

NEED HELP with your Make-Ahead Challenge?
Stop in at a "Drop-in STEAMfest Workshop" at the Lancaster Public LIbrary!
Stop in with your STEAMfest Make-Ahead project/questions anytime during these casual meet-ups. We’ll have cool extra supplies, help find resources, troubleshoot problems – Have fun and share ideas with your peers! Visit once or often!    
Light refreshments provided. 
O Sun. 10/22, 1-3pm
O Sun. 10/29, 1-3pm
O Tue. 11/7, 4:30-6:30pm
O Tue. 11/14, 4:30-6:30pm

Isn't STEAMfest too much crazy fun to be educational?

STEAMfest aligns with core NYS learning standards across the curriculum, promotes a positive learning culture throughout the district and local community, helps all students reach their potential by creatively targeting under-engaged populations, and raises the profile of the Lancaster District as a leader in STEAM education!
- Exciting early experiences in STEAM subjects make students three times more likely to pursue advanced studies and careers that improve our lives and move our country forward.

- STEAMfest appeals to a broad range of students who may not have considered a STEAM activity before.

- STEAMfest provides a unique venue for student to make life-changing connections across age groups and with diverse mentors outside the classroom.

-  Connecting students with others like them who are involved in STEAM-related careers and activities grows their confidence!

Map and Directions to STEAMfest