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Saturday 10am-3pm 11-18-2017
Sponsored by LEAF at the Lancaster Central School District
Lancaster, NY

2017 STEAMfest Activities
These activities are available for all attendees! Just show up and do something new!

Over 20 outside organizations are bringing exciting demos and and hands-on learning experiences for you to STEAMfest... Plus dozens of do-it-yourself activities! Keep watching as STEAMfest grows, and check out the latest updates on Facebook!
Have an idea?
 Community Connection Activities   Have fun and help out!
Bridge Busters!
PLEASE bring a canned/nonperishible food donation to STEAMfest to push the kids' make-ahead popsicle bridges past the breaking point -- Who will be the "Bridge Boss"? All the food goes to the Trinity Food Pantry!
Can-tastic Architect
Come help us follow a "blueprint" to turn a big pile of canned and non-perishable food brought by STEAMfest attendees into a sculpture, and then all the canned food goes to the Trinity Food Pantry!

Mats for a Mission
Hands-on demonstration of how to recycle plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless! More than 700 plastic bags are turned into "plarn" (plastic yarn) to create each sleeping mat!  These lightweigt but heavy-duty mats can survive Buffalo's rainy days and harsh winters.
American Red Cross Blood Drive @ STEAMfest!
Please help Court Street Elementary's "Pint-Size Heroes" save lives! Walk-ins welcome or use sponsor code STEAMfest to make an appointment at or using the blood donor app! (Text BLOODAPP to 90999 or search "Red Cross Blood" in your app store)
Library Bookmobile
A complete Buffalo and Erie County Public Library on wheels! Bring your library card (or get a new one!) and take home some library materials about something cool you find at STEAMfest!

LEAF Dollar Origami Zoo
Create and origami animal by folding a paper money bill (any denomination, thanks!), and at the end of STEAMfest the proceeds go to support LEAF's programs and grants throughout the district! Bring a completed entry, or bring some bills and try it out at STEAMfest!

 Presented Activities 
Challenger Learning Center of Orleans, Niagara and Erie Counties

An AMAZING new state-of-the-art digital planetarium with a 16ft dome is traveling to STEAMfest!! The Challenger Learning Center Planetarium can zoom you to planets, around the universe and through time, showing off constellation drawings, historical night skies and eclipses, meteor showers and the movement of celestial bodies! Find out more about getting involved in the incredible things happening at the Challenger Learning Center every week, from immersive real-time space mission similuations to fun STEAM mini-camps about robotics, astonomy and more!

<-- R2D2 is coming to STEAMfest -->
Meet his builder, Jon Duffie of The North Ridge, see the specs and blue prints! Get a photo!
Jon will answer questions and show you how R2D2 works!

BAM (Buffalo Arts Movement + Electroskip
Be sure to get to STEAMfest early! In the morning we are excited to host two special performances by the Buffalo Arts Movement (BAM!) in conjunction with Elektroskip! Electroskip is an amazing LOCAL company that has created a wearable device that enables anyone that moves to make music!10:15 and 11:30 in the Gym!
Be amazed, and then find out how it all happens during Q&A with the artists and inventor! Hands-on activities, too! Electroskip is an amazing LOCAL company that has created a wearable device that enables anyone that moves to make music!

Raspberry Pi
Learn how you can build and program your own computer with Raspberry Pi! Tech expert Gregory Neumann will help you try it out. Create a new invention by mixing and matching sensors and hardware.

Storm Water Polution Prevention
The Erie County Dept. of Environment and Planning will help you dicover what you can do to presserve our watershed!
HAM Radio
LARA (Lockport Amateur Radio Association) will present this amazing and useful hobby and let you try it out!

UB NanoSatellite Lab
A group of undergraduate and graduate students that work with the Air Force Research Lab, NASA, and Moog, Inc. to build satellites from concept to launch! Check out their "foamsats": model foam satellites that you can touch! Find out more about UB Nanosatellie Lab:

UB GENOME ENVIRONMENT and MICROBE (GEM) Community of Excellence
A huge variety of microbes play a important roles on our planet and your own body!
- Get a look at some inspirational little beasties through a microscope, then design your own microbe!
- See a demonstration about the proper use of antibiotics, and why they should not be taken for viral infections.
- Use petri dishes and swabs to take samples of your  own microbiomes on their bodies -- take the plates home and watch the microbe colonies grow! 
- Make an artist representation of a microbe, using their imaginations and common art supplies.
- Extract DNA from a strawberry using pineapple juice and ethanol

Maps and Globes Across History
Explore a map and globe collection with Gregory Neumann.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
UB-EERI, a student chapter of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute at UB, will be at STEAMfest! Come learn about another incredible way STEAM expertise prevents problems and saves lives!

Reinstein Woods and Nature Preserve
Cool hands-on activities from the nature all around us! Reinstein woods has beautiful paths and boardwalks, extensive and accessible wildlife, an amazing visitor center and lots of nature programing for everyone! 

Incredible historic STEAM! Check out some of ways people right here in Lancaster relied on their creativity and the resources all around them to solve problems in the past. See an example of the tools and materials they used to get things done -- Try your hand at turning flax into linen.
WNY STEM works to advance the interdisciplinary teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics right here in our region. Find out more at STEAMfest!


Come enjoy the cultural infusion of music and motion of American Tribal Style® dance presented by Relativity Belly Dance!! Many do not look beyond the intriguing costumes and mysterious ancient origins of the dance, but belly dancing is a fun, relaxing, low impact form of excercize and has documented health and well-being benefits. It is a good cardio-vascular workout and helps increase flexibility, balance and strength, focusing on the torso or "core muscles."
Company A US Engineer Battalion (Regular) Reenactment Group
STEAMfest welcomes the "Company A US Engineer Battalion (Regular) Reenactment Group" to show us how applying skills in math that you learn in school plus tools (even simple ones!) and some general resourcefulness have shaped our history!
US Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District Dive Team
The US Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District Dive Team will bring fascinating equipment and incredible "all-in-a-day's-work" stories to STEAMfest! Another amazing example of a way to make a difference using STEAM skills! 
Get a taste of the fun and learning that hapens at TINKER, a summer engineering camp for 9th-12th girls, co-founded by Lancaster Alum Katherine Czerniejewski. Tinker features hands-on projects, tours of local engineering companies, presentations from professors, networking with female engineers and teamwork exercises!
Lancaster's own Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts students will guide you in using cotton swabs and lemon juice to create artwork. The artwork magically (scientifically) appears with the use of heat!
Participate in a demonstration of behavior science that sheds light on how your brain and feelings works.
Some of the BEST fun you can have using engineering design process!! Create a rocket that can be launched from a soda straw! Modify your design to see how your rocket performance changes. So many choices in a small shape: Length, fin shape or angle can each be changed one at a time to see how the rocket performs!

What amazing structure can YOU make out of marshmallows and toothpicks?

Lancaster's own Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts students will have you looking your STEAMfest best!
 Do-it-Yourself Activities: Just walk up and start doing!

Explore hands-on how inventors through time have used the resources around them to solve the timeless problem of how to have fun. From shut-the-box to tops to stones, and cup-and-ball

Did you know that pi goes on forever (at least to the quadrillions)? Let's see how far we can get during STEAMfest ! Check out the history of of pi, customize the next digit and tape it in its place on the wall scroll. Remember, we are setting the standard for next year, when we will pick up where we left off-- we need your slice of pi!

Learn about probability, estimation, and demographics as you make a “You are one in 7.4 billion” postcard to mail to one of your favorites among the 7.4 billion people on earth!
Mazes and Labyrinths have fascinated us for thousands of years!

Chill out in a beanbag chair as you try your hands at these puzzles that will twist your mind all "a-round!"

Can you master any of these tricky of maze-based games?

Make your own contribution to our labyrinth, if you dare! Decorate a poster board (with pre-matched-up paths) and layout  together with other people's designs to craft a maze that reaches the "treasures."


Get a taste of the science of popcorn, plus view some incredible mind-popping STEAM-related clips!

Make some guesses about our crazy collection of objects, compare fractions vs. decimals, make guesses about the Myster Boxes and then use the balance scale to learn the truth! Use our special sets of weights to see how things really add up!

Start with cardboard, use our "geometric net" templates, then cut/fold/tape to create 3D forms from flat cardboard, and end with a STEAMfest metropolis! For inspiration, use Google Earth to find your own home or the Taj Majal -- it all comes down to different configurations of forms!

Can you make paper plate floatie that can rocket, spin, tumble or hover, suspended in the upward push of air?

Everyone at STEMfest can add a tiny bit of light to make a big impression. Make your own glowing "throwie" magnet out of an LED and a button battery. Apply it to the "painting," color-by-number style, and then step way-WAY back to see the image!

Get a new perspective on life --- from inside a you-sized bubble!
Get your hands on some fun dinosaur and prehistoric creature-related activities

STEAMfest Dig-site
Use you hands and tools to see what kinds of bones, shells and other ancient specimens you can unearth!

Operation: Fossil Edition!
In this twist on the classic electronic game, see if you can ease the Dino bones out of the bed rock without setting off the alarm!

STEAMfest Dino-Land Film Studio
Use your choice of toys, and an easy phone ap (or the camera  provided) to make your own epic real-time or stop motion dino creature-feature! (Or just have fun using the Dinosaurs to smash all the other toys)

Nifty Nature
Get your hands (gently please!) on some real natural specimens, from sea-shells to a snake skin! 

Evolution Evermore (Human 3.0 Demo):
Compare a model cro-magnum man skeleton to a modern human skeleton, go in-depth using Human 3.0 Computer Modeling, and show us how you imagine humans will look in a few million more years!

Ever wondered what you would do if you could just get your hands on a bucket-full of dice? Find out at STEAMfest! Try out some fun polyhedral dice too!

Have a seat and duck into the dark under our dark table-tent! Use regular and "blacklight" flashlights to explore which things reflect invisible ultraviolet light into a glow we can see, from glowing water-beads to rocks with a secret.

     AND MORE!