10/14/2017 @ 11am
Whitin Park Fall Food Festival
Whitinsville, MA
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Whitin Park Fall Food Festival Volunteers
Whitin Park Fall Food Festival is a food truck festival being held in Whitin Community Center's Whitin Park on October 14, 2017 from 11am-3pm. Looking for help with, park clean up, setup, take down, handout wrist bands, collecting entrance fees, maintenance.
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Park Setup
Setup of tables, chairs, stations, directing vendors, trash, etc
7:30am-10am    4/4 all spots filled
Collecting Entrance Fees
Handling the money for entrance fees and giving change at one of the 3 park entrances.
10am-3pm    5/5 all spots filled
Volunteer Coordinator
This would be the point person for all volunteers. Will check in volunteers and direct them to their assignments. Deal with any issues with volunteers and assignments. Will need to meet or speak ones day or 2 prior to event for directions.
7:30am-12:30pm    1/1 all spots filled
Wrist Band Distribution
Be secondary person at 1 of 3 entrances to hand out wristbands once paid to indicate paid admission.
10am-3pm    5/5 all spots filled
Beer/Wine Garden Attendant, Must be 21+
Will be checking ID's for access to the Beer garden. Giving wrist bands to over 21+. Must be over 21 to be in the position (we will checking your id)
11am-3:00pm    2/2 all spots filled
Bouncy House
Supervising kids in bounce house.
10am-3pm    1/1 all spots filled
Corn Hole
Supervising/facilitating playing of corn hole.
10:30am-3pm    1/1 all spots filled
Pumpkin Bowling
Supervising/facilitating playing of Pumpkin Bowling.
10:30am-3pm    1/1 all spots filled
Giant Angry Birds
Supervising/facilitating playing of Giant Angry Birds. Resetting the stack.
10am-3pm    1/1 all spots filled
Giant Bucket Pong
Supervising/facilitating playing of Giant Bucket Pong.
11am-3pm    1/1 all spots filled
Pumpkin Painting Contest
Collecting entry information, possible monitoring painting of pumpkins.
10:30am-3pm    2/2 all spots filled
Balloon Attendant
Blowing up balloons and passing out to kids in the Pavilion.
10:30am-3pm    1/1 all spots filled
Face Painting
11-3pm    1/2 spots are filled
Park Maintenance
Monitor trash cans, bathrooms and overall cleanliness of park and clean, change or restock as necessary.
10am-3pm    0/1 spots are filled
Park Clean
Breakdown of tables, chairs, stations, trash, etc
2:30pm-4pm    4/8 spots are filled
Floater/Other Requested Jobs
This is job just by request from coordinators only for purposes of tracking. Please don't choose unless requested personally from staff. This is manning WCC Table and jumping around for jobs.
all day    1/6 spots are filled
Volunteer Tee Shirt
Every volunteer will receive a tee shirt on the day to wear.
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