10/23/2016 @ 9:00 am
Harbor Reins Freedom 5K
5K Run
Cary, NC

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Dear Friends & Family, Will you help me raise funds for our military families, service members, and veterans? Harbor Reins has a vision to ensure that no military service member, veteran, or their family member, go without mental health treatment. The organization exists to provide this mental health treatment – specifically equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP), for this unique and valued population. I am trying to help achieve this vision, will you join me? The statistics and details surrounding the needs of veterans and military are alarming. Although data can sometimes be difficult to gather on this particular population due to the stigma associated with mental health concerns, the overwhelming needs of our military and veterans have been passionately agreed upon. All service members and veterans desire to be purposeful members of our community and in many cases mental health treatment, particularly for PTSD, is vital to achieving this desire. Harbor Reins envisions a community where all military service members, veterans, and their families have access to FREE mental health treatment. My goal is not only to raise awareness, but to ensure our military families have access to quality mental health treatment. Please join me in supporting our military families, service members, and veterans. Your donation is an admirable way to show your support to our military. Your donation will directly combat PTSD and other mental health concerns while helping the vision of Harbor Reins a reality for all of our military community.

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