05/21/2017 @ 7:30 am
Stony Creek
Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Run
Shelby Township, MI
Registration for Stony Creek "Back To The Beach" Half Marathon 10k & 5k
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5/21 - SUNDAY EVENTS (select one)
Half Marathon Run Only - $65.00 thru 05/05/2017
5K Run/Walk - $33.00 thru 05/05/2017
10K Run/Walk - $38.00 thru 05/05/2017
10K Run Team Member (McLaren Macomb & Oakland) - SUNDAY
I am running the Saturday race (Click Here and also the Sun Of A Beach Below)
5/20 - SATURDAY EVENTS (First Annual Race)
Sun-Of-A-Beach - $30.00 thru 05/05/2017
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2017 Back To The Beach Registration Gift
This year's Back To The Beach registration gift will be a be 50" by 60" Sun Guy Fleece Blanket. If you would like a 2017 Back To The Beach Tech Shirt they are available for purchase below. Check our website for information on the Sun-of-a-Beach race.
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