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Triple Threat Tough - DFW Membership 2022
Why join Triple Threat Tough?
Group workouts are designed to provide you with triathlon training opportunities in the North Dallas area under the guidance of certified coaches. Each workout focuses on gaining better technique, increased fitness, and unmatched camaraderie.

Tri Club Benefits:
- Sprint triathlon training preparation through group workouts
- 3 swim team practices per week
- No additional gym, pool, facility, or park fees
- Supported open water swim practices weekly (April-September)
- Certified coaches at all workouts
- Access to triathlon training partners forum
- Optional Team t-shirt
- Internal team competitions & socials
- Race discounts (save over $200/year)
- Richardson Bike Mart Rewards Program
- Discounted VO2 testing and Lactate testing
- Discounted private swim coaching, bike coaching, run coaching, nutrition guidance
- Support crew at team triathlons
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