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Tuna Relay Pre-Order Food Form
We have three locations on the course where you will be able to pre-order food to pick up during the race and one location to pre-pay for use of their showers and/or a tent site.

Tuna Relay /200 very near Exchange #22:Tuna Relay /70 Start will have Hamburgers/Hot Dogs, Chips and a drink. There is also a Veggie Burger option. This location will also have individual drinks for sale for $1.00 that you can purchase the day of the race.

Tuna Relay /200 Exchange #30:Tuna Relay /70 Exchange #6 will have a pancake breakfast. See below for all of the details and to order.

Tuna Relay /200 Exchange #23:Tuna Relay /70 Exchange #1 (Trent River Campgrounds) will have showers and tent sites available for a small fee to cover their extra utility cost.

At the finish line, we will have pre-order available for extra Tuna and BBQ orders. Note, one order of each is included in your registration for each runner, volunteer, and driver. This is if you want more than one order or if you have spectators who want Tuna and/or BBQ at the finish line.

You must pre-pay for the meals, camping and shower option if you would like to have them at the race - you will not be able to pay at the Exchange Zone during the race.
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