2017 Haunted Forest @ Panic Point Staff Application
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Circle Ticket Taker    
Zombie Shootout Gallery    
Haunted Trail Usher    
If you are applying as an actor, please check the two (2) attractions you prefer to work in. We will try to accommodate as much as possible.
Haunted Forest    
Dark Trail    
Killers in the Corn -- Haunted Corn Maze    
Carney Crypt    
To the best of your knowledge, please indicate the nights you know you CAN'T work.
Sept 23rd - Saturday    
Sept 29th - Friday    
Sept 30th - Saturday    
Oct 6th - Friday    
Oct 7th - Saturday    
Oct 13th - Friday    
Oct 14th - Saturday    
Oct 19th - Thursday (Adult Only Night)    
Oct 20th - Friday    
Oct 21st - Saturday    
Oct 22nd - Sunday    
Oct 26th - Thursday    
Oct 27th - Friday    
Oct 28th - Saturday    
Oct 29th - Sunday    
Oct 30tt - Monday    
Oct 31st - Tuesday    
Nov 4th - Saturday    
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