03/18/2018 @ 7:00am
2018 Tobacco Road Marathon and Half Marathon
Full Marathon, Half Marathon Run
Cary, NC

General FAQs

Where is the host hotel?
The Embassy Suites is located at 201 Harrison Oaks Avenue very close to the airport. To book a room for our race, please use this link (http://group.embassysuites.com/TobaccoRoadMarathon) to secure our group rate. The room block will sell out so book early. Please note that the hotel is about a 15-20 minute drive from the race site and about a 10-minute drive from the remote parking area. We do not provide transportation to/from the hotel. As the airport is nearby you can rent a car or use Taxi Taxi of Raleigh, or your preferred ride-share.

How many participants are expected?
There is a limit of 1500 full marathon and 2500 half marathon participants. The half marathon usually sells out by end of February so register early!

Is there a time limit?
Yes. The time limit for all races is 7 hours. Any runners on the course after 2pm will be picked up by one of the SAG wagons and brought to the post-race party. Please note that the last shuttle leaves USA Baseball at 2:15pm. Plan accordingly.

Are jogging strollers allowed?
No. USATF does not allow jogging strollers at a sanctioned race. In addition, the narrow trail, the volume of runners, and the need to keep access for medical vehicles we do not allow joggers or strollers on our course. Special consideration for groups pushing a disabled athlete may be requested by emailing the Race Director at Info@TobaccoRoadMarathon.com.

Is there a relay option?

Is there a waiting list?

Can I have someone else pick up my race packet for me?
Yes. They must have a photocopy of your driver's license or another photo ID.

Will bag check be available?
Yes. Bag check is available near the post-race food area. Bring a small bag for your items. We are not responsible for lost items that fall out of bags. We recommend using a bag with a zipper to prevent lost keys and phones. Tags will be provided.

What do you do if it rains?
We get wet; we do run in the rain and we will have our big tent for pre and post race shelter. The safety of our runners and volunteers is our top priority. Dedicated race officials monitor the weather for any threatening issues. In the event dangerous conditions arise, such as lightning, we do have a course evacuation plan.

Consistent with the USA Track & Field position on weather and weather-related cancellations, we do not offer refunds. Participating in an organized run is a "shared risk" event. That is standard practice in our sport and industry and also part of the waiver in forms all participants agree to when they register.

Can I get a refund?
No. We don't do refunds as we send 100%  of the proceeds to charity. However, you can switch distances, transfer your race entry fee to a friend, or defer to next year. See below for how to do each of those.
Switching, Transfers, & Deferrals

I deferred my 2017 entry, am I automatically signed up for 2018?
No. You must register using the same email address from 2017 and register by December 31, 2017; no exceptions will be made.

I deferred my entry this year, how do I register for the 2018 race?
The deadline to register for our 2018 race from a 2017 deferred entry is December 31, 2017. To register you must use the same email used to register this year as your "race credit" is associated with that email address. You MUST register - you are not automatically signed up for the 2018 race. Your race credit will be deducted from the registration fee at the time you register.

How do I defer my race entry to 2019?
All deferrals must be submitted by February 18 (1 month before the race). Even if you have a doctor's note, you will still not be able to defer after this deadline. If you choose not to run the race the following year, you will lose your race credit. There is a $15 fee to defer your registration to the next year.

Defer to 2019

Can I switch races?

Yes. You can change from the half to the full marathon for a $15 upgrade fee OR from the full marathon down to the half marathon for no charge as long as the half marathon is not sold out. You can NOT switch from the Tobacco Road event to another local race; this is the only race affiliated with our organization and we can not send your registration fee to another company.

Requests to switch between races must be received by 11pm Sunday, February 25, 2018 OR before the half marathon sells out, whichever comes first. Once the half marathon is sold out, requests to switch into the half will not be accepted. No refunds are given for the difference in price. Email switch requests to info@tobaccoroadmarathon.com.  


Can I give my race number to someone else?
Yes; however, you must officially transfer your race number so the new runner can register and sign the waiver. The amount you paid for the race, less a 10% processing fee, will be allocated to the new runner to be applied to their registration. All of these details will be emailed to the new runner from our system.

Transfers must be initiated by the registered runner. Please have a valid email address for the new runner. The new runner MUST register using the same address proided during the transfer. The bib does NOT automatically go to them. THEY MUST COMPLETE THE TRANSFER by registering, providing their information, and paying the current registration price minus their transferred race credit amount.


All transfers must be completed online (transferred entry and the new runner registered) by end of day Sunday, February 25, 2018.

Note that there WILL NOT be any transfers done during packet pickup. No exceptions will be made.

We do not resell bibs for runners who are unable to run; we do not condone selling bibs on Craig's List or any other reselling forum.

What if I register for the full marathon but only run the half marathon?  

Per USATF rules, you will only receive a time if you run the event for which you are registered. If you are registered for the full but just run the half you will be disqualified. You will not get a time; it will be marked as a DNF (did not finish). You will not receive a medal for either event.
Parking & Transportation

Where should I park on race day?
Only 900 parking passes for on-site parking are sold during registration and they typically sell out by November. During registration, we make 900 parking passes available for an additional $10. The parking passes allow vehicles to park at Thomas Brooks Park and USA Baseball before the race starts.

There is ample parking at the remote NetApp lot with free shuttle service to and from the venue for runners and spectators. More on parking.

Is there transportation provided from the host hotel?
No. If you are in from out of town you can use a popular local taxi service, Taxi Taxi of Raleigh 919.333.3333, to get to the starting line at USA Baseball. If you need to call a cab after the race, just come to bag check and you can use our phone to call them.

We provide shuttle service from the remote parking area. More on parking and transportation.
Race Course

Are pace groups available?
Yes. The North Carolina Roadrunner's Club Pace Team will be providing the pacers for full and half marathon. Full marathon pace teams will match up to the Boston Qualifying times. Stop by the Pace Team booth at the pre-race expo to sign up and meet your pacers.

What happens to our discarded clothing?
All items left at the starting line and on the course (throw down shirts, gloves, jackets, hats, etc.) will be picked up and donated after the race. Please try to leave your clothing at the starting line or at the clothing drop located at mile 2 before you enter the trail. This makes it easier for our clean up volunteers to collect these items.

Will there be food on the course?
Yes. For 2018, our Gu Gel flavors will be Salted Caramel and Strawberry Banana. We will also have Stroopwafel available in Salted Caramel and Campfire Smores. These are mainly be available after mile 10. There may be other snacks at some of the marathon aid stations.

DO NOT THROW GEL PACKS OR TABS ON THE TRAIL!  There will be trash receptacles right after hand-out points, otherwise hold them to the next aid station.  LEAVE IT CLEAN FOR THE OTHER USERS OF THE TRAIL!

What is the official race drink?
We will have Diamond Springs water and Gatorade Endurance Formula lemon lime.  

Is the course hilly?
No. A couple rolling hills at start/finish but the Tobacco Trail is all flat or gentle inclines/declines. The course was an old railroad track and trains don't like steep hills (neither do most runners) this means fast course times!

Keep in mind our event is a favorite among those seeking to qualify for the Boston Marathon; we qualify up to 10 percent of our marathon runners!

May I wear my headphones?
Yes, as long as they don't interfere with your ability to:

    Follow instructions from race staff, police and race volunteers
    Compete safely,
    Run respectfully around other participants (don't block faster people coming up behind you)

If you are going to wear headphones, we recommend wearing one ear-bud to hear what is going on around you. Failure to comply with volunteer, lead biker, and police instructions can result in disqualification.

Will port-o-johns be available on the course?
Yes. There will be 9 aid-stations on the course (most of them are run by twice since this is an out-and-back course) and multiple port-o-johns will be at every aid station, as well as near the start/finish line.
Awards & Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

How are awards calculated?
Per USATF rules, gun time will be used for all awards overall, military, masters and any other division receiving monetary compensation for their winning. Age group awards are calculated by chip time.

How do I get my award?
The top 3 men & women overall for the half and full marathon will be announced from the stage. Awards for the half marathon start about 2 hours after the race starts and the full marathon awards ceremony goes out about 4 hours after the race starts. Checks will be mailed out 24-48 hours after the race so we can verify all results.

Age-group winners will be posted at the results tent near the stage and awards must be picked up on race day. You can pick up your award as results are finalized. If you cannot stay, please arrange for someone to pick it up for you. If you cannot stay to pickup your award and don't have someone who can claim it on your behalf, you can email Info@TobaccoRoadMarathon.com for instructions on how your award can be shipped to you for an additional fee.

Is the Tobacco Road Marathon a Boston qualifier?
Yes. The course is USATF certified and is eligible for use as a Boston Marathon qualifier.

Up to 10 percent of our runners qualify for the Boston Marathon! All Tobacco Road runners who run a qualifying time can go to the results tent after the race for verification. Once your time is verified we will award you our coveted Boston Marathon Qualifier T-shirt!