04/22/2017 @ 9:00am
The Patriot 5k and 1 Mile Fun Run
5K, 1 Mile Run
Apex, NC
only adults are listed, minors are not shown
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Name Age Gender City State
Ahmed, Asdique 51 Male Apex NC
Ahmed, Jenny 55 Female Apex NC
Amato, Neil 49 Male Apex NC
Andrzejewski, Stephen 49 Male Apex NC
Barfield, Elizabeth 19 Female Apex NC
Bergin, Tiffany 35 Female Apex NC
Best, Dan 54 Male Apex NC
Bishop, Paul 56 Male Graham NC
Buchheit, Mary Ellen 52 Female apex NC
Cannon, Stephanie 34 Female Apex NC
Chambliss, Mary 57 Female Apex NC
Cheever, Danae 45 Female Apex NC
Cheever, Declan 18 Male Apex NC
Cheever, Matt 50 Male Apex NC
Connor, Erin 47 Female Apex NC
Connor, Nathan 18 Male Apex NC
Corbin, Sidney 19 Female apex NC
Cvijanovich, Kara 47 Female Apex NC
Dobson, James 44 Male Apex NC
Elliott, Pam 49 Female Apex NC
Fahey, Brendan 19 Male Apex NC
Fields, Warren 43 Male Apex NC
Foland, Jeremy 45 Male Apex NC
Fowler, Caroline 57 Female Apex NC
Fowler, Michael 19 Male Apex NC
Franklin, Jen 43 Female Apex NC
Franklin, Tony 47 Male Apex NC
Gillmor, Dawn 50 Female Apex NC
Harrington, Peggi 68 Female Apex NC
Hoffmann, jen 48 Female Apex NC
Hood, Donna 49 Female Ellenboro NC
Jensen, Sara 35 Female Apex NC
Lamb, Kim 52 Female Apex NC
LaSpaluto, Denis 49 Male Apex NC
Luparello, Kathy 48 Female Apex NC
Lusk, Shelby 49 Male Apex NC
Martello, Anthony 52 Male Apex NC
Medins, Collin 18 Male Apex NC
Mulderrig, Cara 18 Female Apex NC
Mulderrig, Kathleen 54 Female Apex NC
Mulderrig, Ken 49 Male Apex NC
Nowak, Richard 52 Male Apex NC
Petrusa, Susan 50 Female Apex NC
Probst, Brittany 28 Female Holly Springs NC
Roth, Jenny 32 Female Apex NC
Sanders, Adam 33 Male Apex NC
Scearce, Stephen 46 Male Apex NC
Seymour, Laurie 47 Female Apex NC
Shaltanis, Dan 49 Male Apex NC
Shaltanis, Jennifer 42 Female apex NC
Sheffield, Karen 47 Female Apex NC
Siemer, Gail 39 Female Fuquay-Varina NC
Sottili, Ashley 35 Female Holly Springs NC
stratton, tim 49 Male apex NC
Straw, Jessica 41 Female Apex NC
Talarek, Jonathan 31 Male Apex NC
Talarek, Kasey 31 Female Apex NC
Villafranca, Sharon 59 Female Apex NC
Wasserman, David 42 Male Apex NC
Wasserman, Elisabeth 42 Female Apex NC
Wight, Matt 61 Male Cary NC
Wilkie, Tom 42 Male Sanford NC
Wilson, Tony 47 Male Apex NC
winter, brent 51 Male apex NC
Winter, Christina 48 Female apex NC
Yelmini, Ashley 30 Female Apex NC