Fourth of July, 2017
Keep RLGH Independent 4 Miler
Four Miles
Raleigh, NC
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Category thru 04/30/2017 thru 06/02/2017 thru 07/01/2017 thru 07/04/2017
Four Miler $30 $35 $40 $45
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Four Miler - $40.00 thru 07/01/2017
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Healing Transitions
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Healing Transitions' mission is to offer innovative peer-based recovery oriented services to homeless and underserved individuals with alcoholism and other drug addictions. The program is specifically designed to rekindle a person's desire and ability to return to a meaningful and productive life. Healing Transitions has been providing peer driven long term residential services since January of 2001. During that time we have been very successful in empowering people who are homeless and suffer from substance use issues transition to a fulfilling life. Along with our community partners, we have been able to reduce Wake County homeless population by 25% even as the overall population in Wake County has grown 45%. That constitutes an approximate 50% drop in the number of un-sheltered homeless individuals on our streets.

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