09/24/2016 @ 8:30 am
Greenway Challenge

Whitinsville, MA

Course Maps

2016 Unibank Greenway Challenge course segments (click each one to open the Garmin course)
  1. 2.6 mile Open Water Paddle (mass start in the water, 2 loops) - Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, RI
  2. 2.5 mile Road Run - Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, RI
  3. 25 mile Road Ride - from Lincoln Woods State Park to Douglas State Forest (Wallum Lake) in Douglas, MA
  4. 3.8 mile Trail Run - Douglas State Forest (Wallum Lake) in Douglas, MA *Below are ROUGH directions. Not all trails are labeled, not all intersections are referenced. Highly recommend downloading the GPX file to follow.
    • click here for mapmyrun file
    • start in field by bathhouse/restrooms and head up dirt road, taking left at top
    • take right onto Coffeehouse Loop/Mid-State
    • go straight over railbed (SNET) and continue onto Mid-State
    • at intersection with Streeter, stay straight and continue on Streeter
    • take right down singletrack (un-named trail) down to SNET
    • take right on SNET, the left onto Coffeehouse Loop Extension (just before where you crossed over SNET above)
    • take right onto Coffeehouse Loop, then run alongside dirt parking lot, popping out onto paved upper parking lot
    • take right and reenter trail head through parking lot (double wide trail)
    • at intersection, take left back down to venue
  5. 13.5 mile Road Ride - from Douglas State Forest (Wallum Lake) in Douglas, MA to River Bend Farm in Uxbridge, MA
  6. 2.75 mile River Paddle - River Bend Farm in Uxbridge, MA
    • click here for mapmyrun file
    • Head north up the Blackstone Canal first (left under the bridge after starting in the cove by the barn)
    • portage right in to the Blackstone River and head south to Stanley Woolen Mill
    • portage right, go across the field, and back into the Canal. Head north back to River Bend Farm
  7. 5.75 mile Mountain Bike Ride - (Goat Hill trail area) River Bend Farm in Uxbridge, MA (*map available by 8/29/2016). *Below are ROUGH directions. Not all trials are labeled, not all intersections are referenced. Highly recommend downloading GPX file to follow. 
  • start from field at River Bend Farm and follow along the outside of the field closest to the river, behind Tri River Medical Center, to Hartford Ave E.
  • ​Then cross Hartford Ave E to enter field across from Tri River Medical Center.
  • enter “Down 'N Out” trailhead behind big bush in back left of field
  • bear left/straight at first turn-off at top of hill (approx 0.1 in from trail head) through a stone wall onto a wider cart path
  • Taker ight on cart path up to top to area called 5 Corners by local riders
  • Bear left and follow wider cart path
  • take 2nd right onto “Reload” trail
  • at top take right towards “Goat Hill”, stay left towards “Goat Hill” (do NOT take right down “Billy Goat” trail) SEE DETAIL MAP
  • At big rock, stay left to go up and over, then cut back to the right  to come back across the top of the rock onto singletrack
  • stay left at next few turns, continue to head down “Goat Hill” trail
  • at bottom, continue straight onto “Reload” trail
  • stay left at a few trail intersections (do NOT go on “Wind-Up” trail)
  • at top of hill, take left towards “Goat Hill” (same turn as above). THIS TIME, take right down “Billy Goat” trail
  • at bottom of “Billy Goat” (in "5 corners" area), take two quick lefts back into singletrack 
  • take right down wider cart path to bottom 
  • Take right at bottom and exit into the field area 
  • cross Hartford Ave E and bear right to continue alongside Hartford Ave E on the grass (stay off the road).  Bear left and continue on the grass alongside Oak St, then take left onto dirt driveway into transition area in the field of River Bend Farm
  1. 3.5 mile Road Run to Finish Line - from River Bend Farm in Uxbridge, MA to Whitin Community Center in Whitinsville, MA
Almost 60 miles of Run-Bike-Paddle!!!!

2016 Unibank Greenway Challenge Transition Sites
To promote a more spectator-friendly and logistically "easier" race experience for participants and support crews, in 2016 we're implementing the concept of transition sites, or "hubs". These Hubs will serve as the transition area for many segments, not just a quick pit stop as they've been in years past.  The intention is to reuse these Hubs, as well as the course segments, year over year for a better race experience for all involved in the Unibank Greenway Challenge.  Click on the Hub below for a detailed map, including athlete flow, vehicular traffic flow, and parking (spectator/participant/support).  
  1. Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, RI (start of race & 2 transitions: paddle/road run, road run/road bike). Parking will be in the lots right next to to the transition area.
  2. Douglas State Forest (Wallum Lake) at 107 Wallum Lake Rd in Douglas, MA (2 transitions: road bike/trail run, trail run/road bike). Parking will be located in the main parking lots. When entering the park, stay to the right at the guard house for ALL parking (drop off, spectator, racer, support).  Bear left at this guardhouse will be the bike course entering and leaving the park. 
  3. River Bend Farm at 287 Oak St in Uxbridge, MA (3 transitions: road bike/paddle, paddle/mountain bike, mountain bike/road run). All  parking will be in the big field adjacent to the Farm.
  4. Whitin Community Center at 60 Main St in Whitinsville, MA (finish line).  Parking will be at the WCC itself as well as along Hill St and adjacent streets, as well as the rear parking lot of Unibank located off of Cottage St.  

Click here for downloadable PDF of all segments, cue sheets, and transition area maps, available as handout at the Captain's Meetings.
Course cut-off times: the purpose of the cut-off times is to ensure all participants are at the Finish Line Area (Whitin Community Center) by 4pm, and also to allow the police officers and volunteers to leave their posts.  At the following times, we strongly encourage teams to start these segments even if their team has not completed the prior segment. We will note the off-set in finish/start times, and adjust the overall team time at the end of the race accordingly. If teams elect not too start these segments at these times, they will be asked to sign a waiver, acknowledging that they will proceed at their own risk on a course absent of any police or volunteer support.  
2:30pm - start of the Mountain Bike course
3:30pm - start of the last road run segment