04/07/2018 @ 9 am
Glenaire 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run
Glenaire Retirement Community is proud to present the second annual Glenaire 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run
Cary, NC
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Volunteer Signup for Glenaire 5k
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Pre-race Helpers
Distribute notices of street closings to residents along the route.
3/30/2017    0/6 spots are filled
Swag Bag Volunteers
Helpers to fill swag bags and make sure that everything is ready to go for Packet Pick-ups.
3/27 and 3/28    5/6 spots are filled
Packet Pick-up Volunteers
Volunteers to help handout race bibs, swag bags, and T-shirts.
3/30 2-4pm    3/10 spots are filled
Lead Biker 1-Mile race
Need to own a bike. Lead 1 mile run/walk on Race Day 4/1.
8:30-9:30am    0/1 spots are filled
Trail Person
Needs to walk 3.1 Miles. Wear Safety Vest and follow the last person in the 5k.
8:30-10:45am    1/1 all spots filled
Cone Crew Chief
Need Pick-up Truck. Put out cones before 5k. Deliver supplies to water stop. After Race trails last runner in 5k, picks up cones and water stop supplies after race.
7:30am-11:00am    0/2 spots are filled
Split Timer Chief
During the race, this crew will call splits. After the race, they will retrieve signs on the course.
8:30am-10:45am    0/3 spots are filled
Finish Line Back-up Timers
Back up timers at the finish line. Report to man in straw hat.
8:30-10:30am    0/2 spots are filled
Finish Line Chip Collectors
Collect chips from race finishers for 5k and distribute them back in boxes. Report to man in straw hat.
8:30-10:30am    0/4 spots are filled
Refreshment Chairperson
Set up food and water at the finish line. Clean station up after race.
8:30-11am    0/8 spots are filled
Course water stop Chairperson
Assist handing out water to racers at our 2 water stops.
8:00am-10:30am    2/16 spots are filled
Course Chairman
Must be 18 or older. During race take positions on course to direct runners and supplement Cary Police Officers.
8:00am-10:45am    0/16 spots are filled
Race Day Registration Volunteers
Help with registration on Race Day, passing out swag bags, timing chips, and T-shirts.
7am-9:15am    2/12 spots are filled
Registration Coordinator
Download and Print registration list with Bib numbers
7am    0/1 spots are filled
Volunteer Coordinator
Checks in Volunteers, tells assignments, helps with registration, and general site stuff.
7am-11am    0/1 spots are filled
Set up Coordinator & Assistants
Hang signs in staging area, put signs out near event roads and parking lot, set up tables and chairs, confirm after party set up arrangement details.
7am-11:30am    0/10 spots are filled
Take Pictures before, during, and after 5k and 1 mile fun run/walk
7am-11:30am    0/4 spots are filled
Traffic Controllers
Post directional signs in staging area. Also helps guide folks in parking lots. Carolina Pottery and Deck.
7am-11:30am    0/8 spots are filled
Breakdown Coordinators
Can come in late and help break down course after race complete
10:45-12pm    0/6 spots are filled
Clean up Crew
Clean utensils used in race such as Gatorade Bins, etc. Trash from water stations.
10:45-12pm    1/6 spots are filled
Main Course Monitor
Helps with setup and registration before run and can help with after race tasks
7am-11:30am    0/2 spots are filled
Fun Loop Course Monitor
Helps with setup and registration before run and can help with after 1-mile race tasks
7am-11:30am    0/2 spots are filled
Medics and First Aid
Nurses and Medics willing to help at rest stops with Blood Pressure and First Aid
8am-11:30am    0/3 spots are filled
Errand Runner post-race
Volunteer willing to help return borrowed equipment after race. Must be a Glenaire employee
time slot    0/1 spots are filled
Event Day- Helps out during event for anything needed at rest stops.
8:30am-10:45am    0/3 spots are filled
Trash Monitor
Helps with Trash and Recyling at Parking Deck and race stops
8:30am-10:45am    0/6 spots are filled
Brunch Servers
Help distribute food to racers during after party
8:30am-11:45am    0/6 spots are filled
Transportation Crew
Run shuttle buses from parking areas to race site
7:45am-12pm    0/4 spots are filled
Job Title
all day    0/unlimited all spots filled
Job Title
all day    0/unlimited all spots filled

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