07/17/2021 @ 8:00 am

2021 Door County Triathlon SPRINT

Sprint Triathlon

Egg Harbor, WI
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
These are the SPRINT participants only click here for the HALF.
Last Name 
First Name 
Max. Records 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A. Federrico 17 male Green Bay WI
a. liv 17 female Fitchburg WI
abegglen leslie 53 female Fitchburg WI
Accola Alison 27 female Minneapolis MN
Adams Suellen 65 female Madison WI
adams karyl 54 female Joliet IL
Adams Glenda 54 female Madison WI
Adams Glenda 54 female Madison WI
Agnew Matt 42 male Madison WI
Alarie Patricia 60 female Neenah WI
Albrecht Kenny 30 male greenfield WI
Allard Bryce 26 male Madison WI
Allevi Elizabeth 51 female Manhattan IL
Anderson Cobie 22 male Mukwonago WI
Anderson Malory 20 female Mukwonago WI
Antonopoulos Nicholaos 40 male Chicago IL
Ardellini Jennifer 51 female Oconomowoc WI
Arends Andrew 35 male Green Bay WI
Armstrong Melissa 35 female Grafton WI
Arnesen Mary 64 female Stillwater MN
Arnold Pat 42 male McHenry IL
Arnott Cheryl 35 female Sturgeon Bay WI
Arreguin Zeus 37 male Madison WI
Atwood Lindsey 37 female Glendale WI
Atwood Ryan 37 male Glendale WI
Augustyniak Andrew 33 male Chicago IL
B. Hayden 18 female Menominee MI
B. Ben 15 male New Berlin WI
B. Conor 17 male Fitchburg WI
B. Faith 15 female Sturgeon Bay WI
B. Kyle 17 male Brookfield WI
B. Christy 16 female Sturgeon Bay WI
B. Bryce 15 male De Pere WI
B. Karolina 17 female CHICAGO IL
B. Heidi 13 female WONEWOC WI
B. Tyler 16 male Kalona IA
B. Sara 14 female Dyer IN
Babcock Andrew 44 male New Berlin WI
Backhaus kari 36 female Manitowoc WI
Bader Garritt 41 male Green Bay WI
Baillargeon Paul 40 male Green Bay WI
Baillargeon Shelley 35 female Green Bay WI
Bain Mary 65 female Rock Island IL
Baker Noah 35 male Wheaton IL
Barman Stephanie 40 female Madison WI
Barrett Ann 45 female Greenfield WI
bartel Brian 52 male Green Bay WI
Bartels Matthew 50 male Sheboygan WI
Barton Julie 58 female Madison WI
Battikha John 30 male Greenfield WI
Bauer Mary Anne 64 female Hartford WI
Bauman Jacob 35 male Green Bay WI
Baumel Phillip 36 male Green Bay WI
Bawol Brian 43 male Ann Arbor MI
Belke Micca 28 female Oshkosh WI
Bell Christopher 30 male West Bend WI
Belleau Tim 55 male Green Bay WI
Bellefeuille Jacey 19 female Deforest WI
Belongia Heidi 45 female Milwaukee WI
Belongia Andrew 42 male Green Bay WI
Bennington Kristen 30 female Kenosha WI
Berget Jordan 27 female Milwaukee WI
Berget Lance 31 male Milwaukee WI
Bergstrom Eric 52 male Chicago IL
Bergstrom Eric 52 male Chicago IL
Berken Claire 38 female St. Paul MN
Berken Justin 38 male St. Paul MN
Bermas Honnie 52 female appleton WI
Bermas Honnie 52 female Appleton WI
Bermas Roger 82 male Roslyn Heights NY
Bermas Honnie 52 female appleton WI
Berndt Cindy 64 female Franklin WI
Best Kari 50 female Greenfield WI
Bettwy Matt 21 male Sussex WI
Bettwy Steve 54 male Sussex WI
Beyer Eric 46 male Appleton WI
Bezecny Bobby 27 male Wrightstown WI
Bhattacharjee Sumon 51 male Neenah WI
Billstrom Nolan 24 male Madison WI
Birkelo John 59 male Middleton WI
Birmingham Lily 22 female Sturgeon Bay WI
Birmingham Jackie 54 female Sturgeon Bay WI
Birmingham Alyx 26 female Milwaukee WI
Bischoff Andy 41 male Green Bay WI
Bischoff Katie 40 female Green Bay WI
bischoff monica 62 female west bend WI
Blando Katarzyna 53 female chicago IL
Blauvelt Jennifer 42 female Kalona IA
Blazier Sean 28 male Cedarburg WI
Blessing Carolyn 39 female Chicago IL
Bley Aaron 28 male Egg Harbor WI
Bloniarz Danielle 35 female Sturgeon Bay WI
Boardman Matthew 46 male Fitchburg WI
Bohnen Julia 58 female Bloomington MN
Bonnell Brett 44 male Aurora IL
Bordui Peter 61 male Sturgeon Bay WI
Bousley Luke 18 male Sturgeon Bay WI
Bowe Cristin 52 female DePere WI
Bowe Evan 18 male DePere WI
Boyd Jerry 69 male Charleston IL
Bracken Kevin 46 male Fitchburg WI
Bramsen Hannah 33 female Wheaton IL
Brandes Steven 35 male Fitchburg WI
branick moriah 24 female marshfield WI
Branstetter Kenneth 56 male Appleton WI
braun elizabeth 44 female whitefish bay WI
Brecklin Rebecca 38 female Oneida WI
Bretl Emily 24 female Sturgeon Bay WI
Brice Ann 55 female La Crosse WI
Bridge Flint 70 male Shorewood WI
Britton David 29 male Milwaukee WI
Broeders Melissa 43 female Negaunee MI
Broghammer Gregory 51 male Sheboygan WI
Brookins Amanda 31 female sheboygan WI
Brooks Ellen 35 female Forest Park IL
Brooks Clare 37 female Oak Park IL
Brooks Jonathan 48 male Elm Grove WI
Brooks-Motl Noah 41 male Madison WI
Browne Zack 29 male Green Bay WI
Bruce Dina 37 female bayside WI WI
Bruce Cory 46 female Fitchburg WI
Brumm-Larson Jessica 40 female Milwaukee WI
Brzezinski Austin 30 male Wauwatosa WI
Buehler Marc 51 male Fitchburg WI
Bulkowski Meghan 41 female DePere WI
Bult Jodi 47 female Dyer IN
Bureau Claudia 39 female Appleton WI
Burgos Alexis 21 female La Crosse WI
Burke Bridget 26 female Orono MN
Busse Jeffrey 69 male West Bend WI
Butler Julia 28 female Chicago IL
Butler Reece 29 male Chicago IL
Butler Andrea 68 female Gillett WI
C. braeden 17 male barrington IL
C. Kian 15 male barrington IL
C. Benjamin 16 male St John IN
C. Lilah 16 female Burlington WI
C. Adam 17 male Green Bay WI
Caballero Mark 29 male Glendale WI
Campbell Lauren 20 female Milwaukee WI
Campbell Lisa 44 female Suamico WI
Campione Diane 65 female Grayslake IL
Carberry George 38 male Neenah WI
Carlson Eric 36 male philadelphia PA
Carlson Beverly 35 female philadelphia PA
Carpenter Kearney 28 female Greenfield WI
Carroll Meghan 25 female Milwaukee WI
Carroll Kelly 53 female Inverness IL
Carroll Patrick 22 male Minneapolis MN
casperson tim 54 male Menominee MI
Cass Danielle 43 female Portland OR
Cass Ryan 43 male Portland OR
Cass Ryan 43 male Portland OR
Catlett Patrick 53 male Cary IL
Cavarretta Christian 28 male Evanston IL
Caves Glen 66 male Green Bay WI
cepak alec 29 male river forest IL
Chandlee Chad 48 male Dubuque IA
Chelsky Jack 24 male Appleton WI
Chervenka Dan 50 male NEW FRANKEN WI
Chillo Mark 40 male LA Grange Park IL
Chonkar Hemendra 45 male Brookfiled WI
Christensen Peter 48 male De Pere WI
Christensen Dennis 50 male Green Bay WI
Ciechanowski Kay 62 female Melrose WI
Cienkosz Gosia 43 female Orland Park IL
Cimino Jennie 31 female Chicago IL
Cimino Margaret 35 female San Francisco CA
Cimino Katherine 37 female Modesto CA
Ciner Elizabeth 48 female Bolingbrook IL
Cira Kali 22 female Minneapolis MN
Clapham Stephanie 32 female Evanston IL
Cleveland Eric 52 male Rochester MN
Cline Charles 55 male Wauwatosa WI
Cline Charles 55 male Wauwatosa WI
Cobo Carlos 44 male Gurnee IL
Cochrane Drew 49 male Middleton WI
Collins Anthony 52 male Mundelein IL
COLLINS MIKE 73 male Sturgeon Bay WI
Collins Calvin 19 male Burlington WI
Collins Andrea 50 female Mundelein IL
Collison Maggie 35 female Chicago IL
Cooper Erik 30 male Mequon WI
Corman Justin 36 male Burlington WI
Craanen Kurt 49 male Appleton WI
Cram Mary 59 female Sturgeon Bay WI
Crawley Ann 54 female Jackson WI
Crawmer Kaylynn 20 female Fountaintown IN
Crisostomo Louie 68 male Milwaukee WI
Crisostomo Joan 67 female Milwaukee WI
Cromer Caroline 26 female dallas TX
Cullen Greg 47 male Barrington IL
Cummings Megan 40 female Menomonie WI
Cunha Robin 52 female St. John IN
Curran Kristen 52 female Fort Atkinson WI
Curtin Jim 50 male Sun Prairie WI
Curtis Jonathan 32 male De Pere WI
Curtis Meghan 24 female Shorewood WI
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