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Welcome to MRA Coaching and Training! Thank you for choosing us for your coaching and training needs. This form will add you to our coaching and training branch of the club and give you access to coaching clinics, workshops, training activities, race insights and discounts on coaching and training services, i.e. boot-camps and Swim, Bike or Run form evaluations. Welcome!

Please choose the service that best fits your goals! Don"t forget to use your discount code!
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   One month custom coaching single sport - $110.00
   Three month custom coaching single sport - $299.00
   One month custom coaching multisport - $150.00
   Three month custom coaching multisport - $405.00
   12 week semi custom plan single sport - $110.00
   12 week semi custom multisport plan - $145.00
   45 minute 1 on 1 form evaluation and video analysis - $49.00
   90 minute 1 on 1 training, form evaluation, strength or track session - $90.00
   8 Week single sport plan only! - $89.00
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Yoga, Strength and Conditioning with Terri
Saint Paul Diocesan Jr/Sr HS Outdoor Track
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