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iTri Background and Interest Form This form must be completed by new members and anyone interested in joining any iTri Tucson training program. It serves to gather important information about your fitness and he...
Open Water Swim Clinic - Patagonia Lake Use this form to register for the Patagonia Open Water Swim Clinic
Group Swim at UofA Rec Center Pool Rec Center Swim
iTri Tucson Lecture Series
iTri Tucson Group Bike Skills Clinic Use this form to register for any iTri bike skills clinic
iTri Tucson Running Form Clinic Use this form to register for the entire 5- week Running Form Clinic series or to sign-up for any individual Clinic session(s). Online content will be delivered to each particip...
iTri Tucson Functional Strength and Mobility Tr... Use this form to register for the full 10-session Strength and Mobility clinic series or to
Beginner and Intermediate Swim Clinic Beginner and intermediate swim clinic
iTri Power Class Punch Card Use this form to purchase an iTri Power Class Punch card in quantities of 6, 8, 12, and 16.
iTri Coaching Consultation Form Use this form to request a free consult with one of the iTri Tucson coaches about our program offerings or your readiness to participate in any of our events or training programs.
2017 iTri Swim Punch Card The iTri Swim Punch Card entitles the purchaser to six (6) swim sessions at the UofA Rec Center Pool during the current swim term. Check the iTri Club Calendar for a complete li...
Flat Tire Clinic This clinic will teach you how to become a fast and efficient tire changer.
iTri Coaching Services Auto-billing contract form This contract form is used to collect fees associated with iTri Tucson Coaching Services for new and existing clients. Monthly fees will be auto-billed on the first of each mont...